Summers are Best in the Northwest

Welcome to summer in the PNW, where the weather is wonderful and primed for indoor and outdoor events!

Whether it’s BBQ-ing in your backyard or hiking on top of one of the many beautiful views we have in our part of the world, the to-do list is endless, which means opportunities for fun, laughs, and making memories are right in front of us.

While we’ll be doing a little bit of traveling this summer, I look forward to the last-minute camping trips we do as a family. We prefer camping along the Hood Canal since we know of a good spot to forage oysters and clams. It’s a must-do for Brian every time, while the girls love roasting marshmallows, swinging on the hammock, and making up “scary” stories. I love the little giggles and funny moments when Dad lights his gas on fire (IYKYK).

On the flip side, summer can get super hot (literally) and exhausting, which is why it’s important that we take time to care for ourselves. That might look like going on a quiet sunset walk, meeting up with close friends at our favorite local hole-in-the-wall, or registering for a weekend retreat in the San Juans. This is the perfect opportunity to practice balance between work and life. How can we have our cake AND eat it, too?

I’ve always looked forward to summer being over before it started, but now that I am a lot more comfortable with saying ‘no’, I’m excited about summer. Plus, winter has been too long in more ways than one. Bring on the homemade lemonade!

My team and I put together some articles on our blog that might contribute to some summer fun!

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